Why You Should Never Feel Guilty for Sleeping (Infographic)

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Do you sometimes feel guilty of sleeping? I have in the past.

It’s normal.

Sometimes it’s your body’s way of telling you to chill out and take a break.

But there’s a generation of entrepreneurs who want to make you feel guilty if you aren’t working 24/7, 365.

They brag about how they don’t get home until midnight. How they only sleep a few hours a night. How they are always traveling and never see their kids. And how it’s all worth it
in the end.

But is it?

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem at all with “hard work”. But it’s much better to perform “smart work” highest leverage activities.

Treat your mind and body just like a professional athlete does.

Athletes eat well and nourish their body.

Athletes train hard, but they don’t train 16+ hours a day.

And athletes get plenty of time to rest and recover.

According to the infographic below by HomeArena, the amount of sleep successful entrepreneurs actually get diverge widely, with many getting seven to nine hours per night.


The lesson here is that the only person who can tell you how much sleep you need is you!  Your body has mechanisms in place to let you know when you need it, so listen to them.

However, experiment with different dinner foods, bedtime routines, bed sheets, room temperatures to see what works best for you. You can count on us to bring you case studies, tips, expert advice and recommendations to experiment.

Remember also that ignoring these signs can have a tremendous impact on your mood, productivity and health.

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