What to Know When Buying a New Mattress Confession of a Sleep Consultant


Have you recently changed your bed sheets only to discover it looks like this?

If it does look like this picture it might be time to go look at a couple of mattresses.

I have seen the tension on faces when they come in to look for a mattress. Even though they are coming in because there is tension elsewhere like the neck, shoulders or lower back, the very thought of narrowing down to one bed out of at least 40 displayed in a store seems a stressful task.

They also do not like the idea of working with a sales person. There are ways to make this very important purchase less of a grudge buy and more of a mission to find the best possible sleep without breaking the bank.

Technology has advanced in the bedding world as well. Individuals seem to be remiss of this. Their first instinct is to come into a store, pat a bed, look at the price, haggle and go look elsewhere.

However, what are they really looking for?

The facts:

  • We know to help you on your journey.
  • We know that humans spend 1/3 of their lives in bed trying to accomplish full stages of the sleep cycle so their bodies regenerate accordingly and they wake up feeling refreshed.
  • We know that in a year of sleeping on a mattress without a water barrier, dust mite barrier and allergen barrier, a human will shed 5lbs-7lbs of dead skin cells as well as sweat into the foams laying on top of the coils you are counting on for support.

Ever seen a mattress sag?


Or have a trough? As sweat bleeds down onto the foams of your mattress it causes them to oxidize, therefore wearing down at a much higher rate.



Losing money

There went your budget saving purchase. All because you did not want to have a dialogue with the Sales Professional who is trained to not only find you a set that best supports your spinal alignment, but also find you added comfort where you need it.

Those banks

In addition to custom fitting you to a sleep system, most reputable companies (this is where you have to do your research and read consumer reports), absorb the financing costs and offer you 0% financing with terms contingent on the purchase amount—it is not up to the Sales Professional, it us up to the banks—so that you have peace of mind with one of the most important purchases you make every ten years.

Inner spring vs memory foam?

Spring vs foam

When comparing memory foam and innerspring mattresses, you should focus on which is better suited for your needs and preferences. With the memory foam craze still going strong, and advancements like gel memory foam pushing the technology further, some sleepers wonder if they should make the switch from their innerspring mattress.

Spring - Foam

Many consumers read about memory foam mattresses and fear that they’re not getting the right amount of comfort and support from their innerspring mattress. While it’s true that memory foam and gel memory foam mattresses have benefits that innerspring mattresses do not, mainly higher degrees of pressure relief and a longer average lifespan, innerspring mattresses are still very capable and remain the industry standard.

Walk into a reputable bedding store and have a conversation with your Sales Professional! We are always excited to share what we know on the most innovative, supportive, and comfortable sleep solutions available! If you find that one Sales Professional is not asking many questions regarding your current sleep situation, or they are just pushy about certain products without explaining why then that is not the best person to work with and give someone else a chance.

When you wake up feeling ready to tackle on the world, you will realize that working with someone was the best decision you made.

Written by Veronica Gonzalez, she has worked as a Sleep Consultant with one of the most reputable bedding retailers in the world.

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