What are Top Business Coach Jaime Masters Sleep Hacks?

Jaime Masters Sleep Hacks

Jaime Master (Tardy) is a business coach, podcaster of Eventual Millionaire, and mentor. She interviews business owners with one million dollar net worths or higher, every single week, to learn about their action tips, advice, and stories to help you build your income to seven figures. She has interviewed best-selling authors like Guy Kawasaki, Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin, Andrew Warner, Pat Flynn, and more.

Jaime Masters Sleep Hacks

  • Go to bed early enough
  • Guided meditation

What is your usual sleep cycle?

I usually go to be at 11 pm. Depending on the day I usually wake up at around 7 am.

As an entrepreneur with a crazy schedule, how do you manage to get enough sleep at night?

I go to bed early enough 🙂

Do you have a ritual before going to bed?

Shower – skincare routine – read – put on a guided meditation and set my alarm. Then sleep! 🙂

Can we get a picture of your bedroom?

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