How to Journal to Sleep Better

The Art of Journaling

Journaling is like a computer defragmenting its hard drive. It makes it run smoother.

There is a variety of reasons why journaling is extremely helpful. While many people prefer not to journal, due to time constraints or an inability to get their thoughts written down on paper, numerous people benefit greatly from this practice.

Even though numerous people simply don’t journal, this mindset can be detrimental. Journaling has been shown to allow individuals to process the day’s information in a healthier manner. Writing down the day’s events in a journal also increases a person’s self-awareness and lets them know what they have done wrong or what they need to improve upon in their day to day existence.

Whether you are documenting triumphs, disappointments or something in between, increased self-awareness is a trait that often separates high achievers from those who simply cannot seem to make their dreams come true. It allows the writer to be fully aware of the decisions they have made and being able to find solutions to problems they are currently facing.

It is not by mistake that you see some successful people, including presidents, authors, artists and professional athletes writing in journals. In many instances, having the ability to write what you’re thinking and rehashing past events that have taken place can give you an increased sense of clarity and provide you with a strong sense of overall direction.

When events and happenings remain tucked away inside of your mind, it is much more challenging to try and make sense of them. Our minds are inherently biased, and we often remember events that take place in a manner that is convenient for us.

People who achieve their goals and maximize their potential are not interested in remembering things in a way that benefits them. They seek the truth in all of its forms, and this includes writing down life’s events in a journal.

Whether it is John Lennon, the legendary Beatle, writing down his thoughts and feelings, or it is Thomas Edison constructing a daily to-do list, journaling has some powerful benefits that are typically realized by some of our most legendary figures. Even figures as disparate as Michael Jackson and Bruce Lee turned to writing to make sense of their extraordinary lives.

Having the ability to see what has happened to you for what it is, not what you wish it could be, is what separates the wheat from the chaff. While many people refuse to begin journaling for a variety of reasons, there is no need to fall into the same patterns. To fully process what has taken place, you must also be willing to document it. Journaling is an excellent way to become more aware of your decision making and make the necessary improvements, ultimately it will help you sleep better and wake up refreshed.

Amongst the benefits of journaling are:

  • Clarify your thoughts and feelings
  • Know yourself better
  • Reduce stress
  • Solve problems more effectively
  • Resolve disagreements with others


Buy a journal and start writing. Your journaling will be most effective if you do it daily for about 10-20 minutes. Begin anywhere, and forget spelling and punctuation. Write quickly as it will free your mind from blocks to successful journaling. It can also help to pick a theme for the day, week, or month (for example peace of mind, confusion, change or anger). The most important thing of all is that there are no rules.


Morning Journaling

What are you grateful for?_________________________________________ _________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________

What will make today the best day?_________________________________________ _________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________

Night Journaling

Three amazing things that happened today? _________________________________________ _________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________

What could you have done to make today better?_________________________________________ _________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________What is your most important task tomorrow?_________________________________________ _________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________

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