How Throwing Out your Bed Can Give You the Best Sleep

Bed Illustration

Why You Should Sleep on The Ground:

Last year I threw out my bed in favor of sleeping on the ground, and it was one of the most important changes in making my life better. I received a lot of criticism and odd looks from just about everybody I told or showed.

No one understood why a person would throw out their bed and sleep on the ground…

But also no one understood the huge benefits I would gain:

  • My back health improved
  • Wake up very alert with tons of energy
  • Gained ability to sleep anywhere
  • More space in my home
  • Any kind of couch or bed feels like heaven

Let me share with you how a nice mattress found its way on the curb, and how my life vastly improved.

→ The Story: Unhappy and Pained, Travel Inspired Me

For a solid three years, an increasing unhappiness overwhelmed me every time I woke up, and it felt like I was starting my day with a fresh kick to the face. Honestly I was becoming depressed, because I had no clue why a good mattress, regular workouts, solid diet, and good desk job were making me have dull upper back pain and hate my life every morning!

After I visited Thailand, Morocco, and South Africa, reality punched me harder than Mike Tyson in his prime. On those trips I met and saw many 60+ year olds sleeping on the ground and able to wake up early, get in a better squat than me, and had better posture than me. They appeared to have more motivation and energy than my 27 year old body had felt in forever. Something had to be done…

… so I threw out my bed.

It wasn’t easy. Deciding to sleep on the ground at least 5 days out of each week and 2 on my new futon certainly was a rough adjustment. When people questioned my choice of a thin yoga mat covered with sheets to sleep on, I felt strong knowing my core motivation and reasons.

This is BEdtime

caption: “King Leonidas redefining what bedtime means”

→ What exactly do you sleep on?

I now have picked up a nice folding futon for “romantic” reasons, but still do five nights on the ground most of the time. I use a thin yoga mat like this one covered in a sheet, and then have one pillow with a blanket on top of me.

Bed Illustration

A final massive benefit is that this was a gate-way drug for me. It woke me up as an individual who could do powerful things with the way I choose to live my life. Travel inspired me to throw out my bed, and experiencing the bizarre journey of discomfort slowly turn into very cool and unique benefits gave me a confidence and brazenness to continue taking risks.

I like to learn, just like you:

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