How Ray Edwards “The King of Copywriting” Sleeps Better Than You

How does Ray Edwards copywriting king sleep better than you

Ray is the Copywriter who has sold over $100 million in products and services for clients like Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Jeff Walker, Stu McLaren, Frank Kern, and many more. Ray is also an author, speaker, and the host of the top-rated iTunes business podcast, The Ray Edwards Show. His website is

Ray was awesome enough to do a quick interview with us even while in the midst of his book’s pre-launch. The book is called How to Write Copy That Sells. 

Ray Edwards sleep hacks:

  • Be disciplined
  • No caffeine after Noon
  • No food or screens after 7pm

What is your sleep cycle?

I go to bed at 8pm and wake up at 4am.

As an entrepreneur with a crazy schedule, how do you manage to get enough sleep at night?

I have to make it a discipline.

Do you have a ritual before going to bed?

Yes: No caffeine after Noon. No food or screens after 7pm. Brush teeth, wash face, put away clothes.Turn on soft light. Turn on fan for white noise. Read (from a book, not a screen!). Turn off light. Pray into sleep.

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2 thoughts on “How Ray Edwards “The King of Copywriting” Sleeps Better Than You”

  1. wow! bed at 8pm. So does he start his wind down sequence (“Brush teeth, wash face…”) at 7pm and in asleep by 8pm or he starts his sequence at 8pm?

    We have 3 kids and we usually don’t have all three down and tucked in until 8pm. We do start to dim all the lights around dinner time. So usually eating dinner in a dim lite dinning room.

    I aim for a 9:30pm bedtime (asleep) and up between 4am – 4:30am.

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