How Jaclyn Mullen from Jaclyn Media Sleeps Better than You

How does Jaclyn Mullen sleep better than you (2)

Jaclyn Mullen is a performing artist turned social-media marketer, philanthropist, speaker and strategic connector. She runs Jaclyn Mullen Media, which creates content and community for companies and individuals, and is a graduate of the Tory Burch Foundation Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program for early-stage, women-owned businesses.

What time do you wake up at?

Typically anytime between 6:00 am and 7:30 am at the very latest! Most days, I will wake up without an alarm by 6:30/6:45 am even on the weekends.

As an entrepreneur with crazy schedule how do you manage to get enough sleep at night?

I have ALWAYS required a full nights sleep. My mother has told me that as a baby, I often slept through the night. I do know that I have to go to bed no later than 11:00 pm if I don’t want to be tired the next day (and that is pushing it). I value the impact sleep has on my productivity therefore I place emphasis on listening to my body and going to bed to rest and restore vs pushing through to get more things done and burn the midnight oil.

Do you have a ritual before going to bed?

Sometimes I will read, sometimes I will watch TV, sometimes I take a bath. Besides the good old ritual of washing my face and brushing my teeth, each night my pre-bed activities differ.

Can we get a picture of your bedroom?

Jaclyn Mullen

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2 thoughts on “How Jaclyn Mullen from Jaclyn Media Sleeps Better than You”

  1. Fun seeing you here, Jaclyn! I’m looking forward to sharing this site with my clients, and in turn sharing a blog post on A.G.E.s and sleep here, also! Rest well, Doll…we have a world to conquer!

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