I Sleep Better than you

Are You Tired and Run Down? Would You Like To Finally Get One Good Night of Sleep?

If you are the typical entrepreneur, right now, you are tired. You woke up tired, drank at least one cup of coffee to get moving and yet you could still use a nap right now…but you don’t have the time to take a nap.

That seems to be the journey many of us are on when we are running our own business, our own family, our own life.

In the past, my sleep was not alway as good as I would like it to be. I’m a father of three amazing children all under 5; Liam, Adriana, and Oliver. My wife Mallorie and I also own a dance and fitness studio (Move Dance and Fitness).

Boys pictureAdriana and oliver

Like you, I realized over the years there just has to be a better way. Taking care of the kids, the business, my relationship with the love of my life, doing things we all want to do…you know, the fun stuff; going for a hike, a vacation, simply spending time playing with the kids on the floor. I needed to be more alert, more present, more rested.

I couldn’t drink enough coffee to keep me going at the level I wanted to live. My guess is, you feel the same way. You want more, you want to get a good night’s sleep.

This led me on a search. I began to explore what was working for others…and then I tested it in my-own-life. I also discovered a number of things on my own that surprised me. I began to develop habits that help me maximize my sleep time. Things like exercise, what I eat and drink, and even things like what I wear, when I nap and more make a difference. It was a discovery I soon realized made massive changes in how rested I felt and that led to accomplishing things I only once dreamed of.

I realized I couldn’t keep this all to myself. I began to share it with friends and family. I began to write down what it was I had discovered and before I knew it, I created Sleep Sumo.

Dear Mind (2)

The mission of Sleep Sumo is to help Entrepreneurs and small business owners sleep better.

You will discover:

  • How to maximize the sleep time you get.
  • Ways to fall asleep faster AND stay asleep longer.
  • Naps. (This one technique is invaluable.)
  • Tips and tricks such as the exact time of day to exercise for you to have better sleep.
  • Set the stage in the bedroom for a full night of rest.
  • What to wear to avoid waking up at night.

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